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How it works
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Terms and Conditions

  • The task only takes effect when it appears in the Reward Center. If you are unable to see any task or reward on the Rewards Hub after the activity announcement, you are not eligible for the task or reward. Please stay tuned for future tasks and rewards.
  • After receiving the task, please check the "task title" and "task rules" before participating.
  • The task status and cumulative value will be updated shortly. Please wait patiently, navigate to another screen, and come back to see the changes.
  • When the task remains incomplete, please make sure that your operation is consistent with the task rules.
  • After the task is completed, please return to Reward Center, you will see your reward available to collect.
  • Only Verified users can collect the rewards.
  • Your collected reward will be converted to shares of stocks of your choice. It will be based on the stock's market price at the time your order is executed.
  • For Deposit Task, your collected reward will be held from withdrawing for 60 days after collecting. Failure to do so would cause a Reward Cancellation to the Withdrawal transaction, and the collected reward value would be deducted directly from your Withdrawal amount.
  • The Rewards Center prohibits the use of all third-party plug-ins, illegal accounts, batch registration, self-deal, market manipulation, etc. If you’re found to be engaged in illegal activities, you will be disqualified. Cera reserves the right to withhold your Reward at any time.
  • The final interpretation right belongs to Cera.

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Earn $2 just for signing up!
Invest with stablecoins
Invest with stablecoins